Our Process

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    Step 1: Assessment

    We will meet with you and conduct a free evaluation to understand your goals and timeline, and assess your items and answer any questions. The types of items, number of items and overall value of the sale will determine the commission structure. Our average fee is 35% of the gross revenue.

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    Step 2: Agreement

    Once we have an assessment of the value of your items and you understand the terms of our relationship, we will sign an agreement to begin your project.

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    Step 3: Listing

    We will schedule a time to take pictures, create descriptions, tag your items and upload them to our auction platform.

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    Step 4: Auction

    We activate interested buyers and list your items for 6 – 10 days for maximum results.

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    Step 5: Settlement

    Once the auction has ended online, our project managers send every winning bidder an invoice and schedule a time for the buyers to pay for and retrieve the items. Net proceeds are remitted to you within 7 days of the auction ending. From beginning to end we have money in your hands in approximately three weeks!

Who we are

We are a team of professionals dedicated to converting personal property
into revenue in the most efficient, peaceful and lucrative ways possible.


CEO/Client Care


Marketing/Client Care

Auction Staff

Network of Partners

Our Network Generates more than
Dollars in Sales Annually
  • “Erin was fantastic to work with and quickly came to our house to help us eliminate items that were cluttering our household. I would highly recommend Candoo.”Laura O.
  • “When I needed to relocate to California with short notice, Candoo came to the rescue to facilitate the sale of my household furniture and kitchen items. They handled the hassle of selling and I got top dollar”Jenna S.
  • “When my partner and I moved in together, we didn’t need double everything. Candoo turned my items into cash and made it easy for me to get on with my new life.”Cinnamon R.

The area we serve

Additional service areas coming soon!